Biocides Di Bromo Nitrilo Propioniamide Based (INNOVA BCD 416) In Bombay

INNOVA BCD 416 is a Non-oxidizing organic biocide formulated with 2-2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide (organo-bromine group) and other non-oxidizing molecules based broad spectrum biocide for control of bacterial slime and algae in industrial re-circulating cooling waters cleanups where high levels of organics and biomass are present.

INNOVA BCD 416 is not particularly effective against algae. The half life of INNOVA BCD 416 decreases rapidly with increasing pH and temperature. This product is benefit where strict discharge regulations are there. and reasonably good bactericide, can be applied over a wide range of pH (optimum 6.5 to 8.5).

    Advantages :

  • INNOVA BCD 416 can be considered as an oxidizer, since bromine content it oxidize bacterial substrate.
  • It functions in conjuction with chlorine.
  • INNOVA BCD 416 is suitable for once through cooling systems, because of its fast acting biocidal action (contact time often less than 1 hour).

  • Dosage :

  • Dosage in cooling water treatment programs 25 to 35 ppm for effective control of biocide activity, for cooling waters.

  • Method of Feeding :

  • INNOVA BCD 416 can be fed as received or diluted with water minimum 10% concentration with any chemical feed solution. The chemical should be added to cooling tower basin (or any other point, which provides uniform mixing) addition should be made to metering pump to minimize handling.

  • Feed Requirements :

  • Badly fouled systems must be cleaned before treatment to start. Initial Dose - When the system is noticeably fouled, slug feed 35 to 55 ppm of INNOVA BCD 416 in the system. SUBSEQUENT DOSE - When the Microbial count is evident, slug feed 25 to 50 ppm of INNOVA BCD 416.

  • Control Testing :

  • The best indication of the successful application of INNOVA BCD 416 is visual inspection of tower surfaces or monitoring changes in heat transfer on metal surface of process equipment.

    Uses of on-site bacterial counts or microscopic examination provide relative indicators of system cleanliness and biological control. If bacteria counts are used, Note that counts may be high immediately after biocide addition. Counts will be lower as control is achieved.

  • Packing :

  • INNOVA BCD 416 is available in 25Kgs, 50Kgs & 200 Kgs.


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