Closed System Treatment (INNOVA CW 302) In Shirdi

In many cases chemical treatment to correct problem conditions in cooling water systems is virtually useless because impervious deposits surround the source of the problem. Oil deposits, inorganic buildup and even biological accumulations can form a barrier against treatment. Underneath this barrier the problem continues to grow worse, and eventually it becomes necessary to shut down the cooling system for the maintenance.


A specially formulated chemical penetrant "INNOVA CW 302" will usually provide access throughout the deposit so that treatment chemicals can work their way into the affected area. This eliminates the need for costly shutdown of the system and the resultant loss of production. A penetrant usually is a combination of wetting agents and surfactants which attack a deposit and make it porous so that other treatment chemicals function effectively.


For example, a penetrant alone, or a biocide alone may not be effective in controlling organism growths but the two together will solve the problem and restore the system to normal treatment. Penetrant can be used in re-circulating or once through cooling systems, and are compatible with most other treatment chemicals. Generally, the deposits can be classified into three groups


  • Biological
  • Inorganic
  • Oily

  • The penetrant INNOVA CW 302 provides maximum effectiveness in dealing with these deposits.


    • Provides HPA As The Main Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Stable At Alkaline Ph Conditions
    • Contains LMW Polymer Which Prevents Deposition Of Suspended Solids
    • Single Product Treatment For Chloride And Sulphate Corrosion
    • Supplemented With Scale Inhibito



    • Biological Growth Control:

      Some microorganisms secrete protective slime which serves as a distinct barrier against biocide treatment. Under such circumstances increasing the biocide dosage is a futile effort because access to the living organisms is still unobtainable. The organisms continue to grow under the protective slime.

      Furthermore, this slime barrier accumulates slit and other inorganic deposits which further increase the depth of the protective barrier - making control even more difficult. "INNOVA CW 302" is an effective penetrant which provides access through this barrier so that biocides will do their job and control the sheltered biological growths. "INNOVA CW 302" is slug fed into the system about ½ hour before beginning the biocide treatment.

    • Inorganic Deposit Control:

      Scale, corrosion products, slit can accumulate rapidly and form an impenetrable barrier against treatment chemicals designed to control these conditions. In addition, the barrier can compound the treatment problems by harboring colonies of bacteria. The penetrant will be fed into the cooling system ahead of the prescribed anti-foulant chemical treatment.

    • Controlling Oily Deposits:

      Manufacturing plants, refineries and industries using oils in their production process are often plagued with oil in the cooling water system. When oil deposits accumulate, they form a barrier around corrosion deposits, bacteria, slit and scale.

      These oil barriers provide an excellent nutrient for excess bacteria growths - which in turn accumulate more silt deposits. Normal treatment cannot penetrate these oily barriers - particularly when they become baked and hardened by heat. The continuous feeding of "INNOVA CW 302" is recommended to break this barrier and permit the biocide treatment to be effective

    • Packing:

      INNOVA CW 302 is available in 25 kgs, 50 kgs & 200 kgs.