Scale Cum Corrosion Inhibitor Dispersant (INNOVA CW 213) In Shirdi

INNOVA CW 213 is a non zinc based scale cum corrosion inhibitor for low and medium hardness and TDS waters in the cooling systems. INNOVA CW 213 is a liquid product formulated to control the deposition of calcium scales in once through and re-circulating cooling water systems.
The product contains a threshold inhibitor, which is particularly\effective for controlling the precipitation of calcium phosphate. INNOVA CW 213 is a dispersant for suspended material such as silt and metal oxides. This dispersant action maintains the insoluble material in suspension, facilitating its removal from the system.


Appearance: Clear, Pale yellow to amber colored liquid

pH: 3.5 to 4.0

Flash Point: None

  • Advantages Prevents the Formation of Calcium Phosphate:

    Scale inhibition under severe conditions of calcium phosphate super saturation is cost effectively attainable with INNOVA CW 212. The deposition of calcium phosphate scale from orthophosphate present in the cooling water system, either as the result of the inorganic phosphate corrosion control practice or from orthophosphate in the make-up, is effectively controlled by a threshold mechanism. Control of calcium phosphate is achieved without the need for costly pretreatment, undesirable pH depression and excessive blow down.

  • Stable in Chlorinated Water:

    INNOVA CW 213 is stable in the presence of chloride. There is on need to increase dosage during periods of Chlorination.

  • Compliments Corrosion & BIological Control:

    Deposits provide media for the propagation of biological growth and cause localized corrosion of metal surfaces. INNOVA CW 213 prevents the formation of deposits and disperses suspended solids. Cleaner surfaces deter further biological growth and assure better performance of corrosion inhibitors.

  • Contains No Heavy Metals:

    INNOVA CW 213 is supplied as a liquid and can be fed directly from the shipping container or bulk Storage tank. The need, and associated costs, for premixing chemicals is eliminated.

  • Method Of Feeding:

    INNOVA CW 213 should be fed neat at a point in the system where turbulent flow will assure good mixing. The products must not be mixed with other water treatment chemicals prior to feeding. Dosage rates will vary depending upon system parameters and water quality.

  • Control Testing:

    Periodic equipment inspections, as well as heat transfer monitoring ultimately confirm product performance.

  • Storage & Handling:

    The product should not be stored in direct sunlight. If stored at ambient temperatures the product should be used within 24 months from the time of receipt.

  • Packing:

    INNOVA CW 213 is available in 25 kgs, 50 kgs and 200 kgs.