Corrosion Inhibitor (INNOVA CW 140) In Shirdi

INNOVA CW 140 is a liquid formulation containing Zinc as the main corrosion inhibitor and specially designed polymer to keep zinc in solution even during alkaline pH conditions.


The product contains a low molecular weight polymer which keep suspended particles in a completely dispersed condition. For additional corrosion inhibition zinc is coupled with phosphate which provides excellent cathodic protection to both steel and brass metallurgy.


Appearance: Clear to Pale yellow liquid


pH: 3.8 to 4.5


Sp. Gravity at 25'C: 1.10 to 1.15



  • Provides Zinc Phosphate As The Main Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Stable At Alkaline ph Conditions
  • Contains LMW Polymer Which Prevents Deposition Of Suspended Solids
  • Single Product Treatment For Corrosion
  • Supplemented With Scale Inhibitor


  • Method of Feeding:

    Periodic equipment inspections, as well as heat transfer monitoring ultimately confirm product performance.

  • Storage & Handling:

    Avoid contact with skin and eyes do not take internally. In case of contact with skin, flush with plenty of water and seek immediate medical attention. Gloves and goggles should be used where appropriyyate.

  • Packing:

    INNOVA CW 140 is available in 25 kgs, 50 kgs & 200 kgs.