Closed System Treatment (INNOVA CW 000) In Shirdi

Closed Loop Inhabitor In Shirdi

INNOVA CW 000 is a synergistic combination of Nitrite, Borate and organic inhibitors for controlling corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in low make up closed heating and cooling systems.

Chiller Purpose:

INNOVA CW 000 controls corrosion of piping, valves, pumps and heat exchangers by producing a protective film on all exposed metal surfaces - iron, steel, copper, copper alloys, aluminum and brass. It also prevents deposition of copper on ferrous surfaces by chelating any copper which might be introduced with the make up. This eliminates the possibility of attack caused when the copper deposits on steel to form galvanic cells.


It works effectively over a wide range of conditions, such as in systems of multi-metal construction, where oxygen content is high or where flow is low. In previously untreated systems, INNOVA CW 000 may have a mild dispersing or sloughing action on existing deposits and corrosion products. To prevent trouble which can be caused by this debris, we recommend our INNOVA CW 000 closed system cleaners before beginning the treatment.



Controls corrosion of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Buffering agent automatically adjusts pH at the preferred level. Does not adversely affect pump glands, rubber hose, water seals and valve Packing. Does not contain chromate.


Being pre-formulated in liquid form product eliminates the hassles of mixing dry chemicals. Insures good heat transfer and reduces maintenance and operating costs.


Feed Requirements:

Initially about 1.0 kg of INNOVA CW 000 is recommended per m3 of water holding capacity. Any leakage through the system should be compensated with additional quantity of product proportionate to the make up requirement. INNOVA CW 000 Corrosion inhibitor may be fed into the system directly from the container without any dilution.



Appearance: Pink to red coloured liquid.


pH @ 25'C: 10-11


Specific Gravity: 1.2


  • Packing:

    Tacelene Chem 5000 is available in 25 kgs, 50 kgs & 200 kgs.