Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant (INNOVA SP 002) In Germany

INNOVA SP 102 is a highly more effective Scale inhibitor, specially developed formulation for application in sugar industry. INNOVA SP 102 is an organic scale inhibitor for the retardation of scale formation on the heat transfer surfaces of the evaporator.

INNOVA SP 102 keeps calcium in solution even when impurities like oxalates, carbonates, phosphates and sulphates are present. It functions by threshold treatment which delays the precipitation of alkaline hardness. Besides, it has excellent dispersing properties , keeping the precipitate formed in suspension and preventing any sludging on the heat transfer of the evaporator.

    Dosage :

  • INNOVA SP 102 dosage varies between 18-20 ppm of the cane crushed. INNOVA SP 102 has to be dosed in split dosing manner (distributing between clarifier and the last body) continuously into the juice preferably by electronic chemical dosing systems by diluting the product with condensate water. Please Note that the exact dosage depends upon several factors such as the quality of cane processed, the quality of maceration water, heat transfer area, lime quality used etc.

    Regular laboratory analysis of all the bodies once in shift would help to understand the effectiveness of chemicals. Further, alterations in the dosages in different bodies can be adjusted accordingly. Analysis of silica, phosphate, sulphate and the brix in each of the evaporator body should be done in the shift.

    From this analysis, it would be easy to find out whether the chemical is working properly or not. These analysis would help to find out the composition of the scale, i.e., percentage of CaCo3, Ca3(PO4)2, Sio2, MgHSiO2 and therefore adjust the best treatment. Also the best chemical cleaning treatment can be decided by knowing the amount of scale deposited in each body.

  • Benefits :

  • Increase in recovery due to high imbibition.
  • Longer duration and constant crushing, reducing cleaning stoppages.
  • Smooth working of pan boiling and evaporator due to syrup brix.
  • Less consumption of chemicals and cleaning equipments.
  • Better vapour bleeding, saving seam and reducing load on bodies

  • Storage & Handling :

  • INNOVA SP 102 is stable and can be stored for extended period of time. Product should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Special care should be taken to avoid contact with chemicals.

    Avoid contacts with eyes, skin and food. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes or skin with large amount of water several times. If swallowed, drink large amount of water or milk and get medical attention immediately. Do not reuse the empty container, destroy it.

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