Fatty Acid Based Viscosity Reducer (INNOVA SP 008) In Germany

INNOVA SP 008 is a polymer based Viscosity Reducer. It is a pan boiling aid in liquid form, specially formulated to reduce the viscosity of massecuites. It can be used throughout the season.

Dosage depends on the type of pan, size of pan and severity of the problems in the pans. The normal recommended dosage is 500 gm/40 M.T batch pan. The product can be dosed as supplied by gravity. If continuous pan capacity is 20T/hr add 150 gm/hr.

Storage Conditions :Keep away from freezing : Materials stability may be effected. The minimum recommended Storage temperature for this material is 10 C / 34 F. The maximum recommended temperature for this material is 800 C / 201 F.



Appearance : Clear Solution

pH : 6.5 - 7.0


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