Flocculant Ionic Syrup Certification (INNOVA SP 114) In Germany

INNOVA SP 114, is a solid grade Ionic high molecular weight flocculant based on the poly acrylamide used in all ranges of clarification applications including clarifier thickeners, vacuum filters, Specially for syrup clarification. INNOVA SP 114 is a high molecular weight Ionic flocculants completely soluble in water.

This product is effective over wide range of pH and has great flexibility in coping with fluctuation in operating conditions with their remarkable settling properties they rapidly bring down clarifier mud levels under control when `difficult` process syrup are treated.

    Specification :

    Appearance Solid Grade White Crystals
    Ionic charges Ionic
    Use Concentration Suggested (g/l) 0.5
    Concentration of Stock Solution (g/l)  1
    Stock Solution Viscosity (cps) @ 5 gpl 700-1400


  • Easy to prepare solution.
  • Effective at low dosages.
  • Completely miscible with water.

  • Advantages :

  • Good floc formation.
  • Improved clarity in filtrate.
  • Rapid clarification.
  • Better sugar quality Increased throughput.

  • Dosage & Feeding :

  • Recommended dosage is in the range of 5 to 10 ppm on syrup solids.

  • Directions for Use :

  • INNOVA SP 114 may be unloaded manually or taken directly in to the dilution tank from the container. Prepare stock solution (1.0 to 1.5% w/v) of the polyelectrolytes using clear filtered water. Prepare feed solution by diluting the stock solution directly or by on-line using filtered water.

    For small chemicals can be dosed by gravity or by dosing equipment. However, for large systems use of dosing system is recommended. We will recommend the dosing equipment best suited for your requirement.

  • Storage & Handling :

  • Do not store the material in open. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use. These products exhibit very low order of oral toxicity. No special care is required in handling this product..

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