Flocculant Ionic Juice Certification (INNOVA SP 406) In Germany

The cane juice after the milling contains many soluble, insoluble impurities and also viscous, turbid in nature. These impurities affects the subsequent operations. It is necessary to remove the maximum quantity of impurities from the expressed juice, with suitable chemical treatment of it, to obtained pure crystallizable sugar.

The efficiency of any clarification process is measured by the speed of settling of impurities and suspended solids and the degree of removal of impurities to produce a clear juice with minimum mud volume.

    Features :

  • Higher settling rates in subsider - Increases through puts from the clarifier.
  • Lower retention time - Reduction in sugar inversion.
  • Reduction in lime addition - Improved sugar juice quality
  • Reduction in mud volume - compact filter cakes with low pol content.
  • Higher filteration rates - low pol content in mud cakes.

  • Dosage & Feeding :

  • Recommended dosage is in the range of 0.5 to 1.0 ppm depending on juice quality.

  • Juice Clarification Contains Two Major Parts :

  • 1. Coagulation: - Destabilization of colloidal particles by neutralizing forces that keep them apart which is accomplished by the additional lime.

    2. Flocculation: - Agglomeration of colloidal particles into flocs and these flocs create large clusters and settle down faster.

    INNOVA SP 406 is high molecular weight Ionic flocculants completely soluble in water. This flocculant has been developed to improve the settling Characteristics of lime dificated juices and enhance the filtration Characteristics of the resulting mud.

    This product is effective over wide range of pH and have great flexibility in coping with fluctuation in operating conditions with their remarkable settling properties they rapidly bring down clarifier mud levels under control when 'difficult' juices are treated. Uses of this flocculant also improve the filterability of the mud by rapidly forming filter cake of excellent porosity. Uniform composition and consistency.

  • Storage & Handling :

  • INNOVA SP 406 is stable and can be stored for extended period of time. Product should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and food. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes or skin with large amount of water several times.

  • Directions of Use :

  • Prepare stock solution (0.05 to 0.1% w/v) of the INNOVA SP 406 using clear filtered water. Prepare feed solution by diluting the stock solution about ten times with filtered water (directly or by online dilution).

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