Mill Sanitation Di Thio Carbamate Based (INNOVA SP 002) In Germany

INNOVA SP 002 is a highly more effective microbiocide, specially developed formulation for application in sugar industry. It is a balanced mixture of dithiocarbamates with broad activity against bacteria and fungi.

INNOVA SP 002 is exceedingly effective against Leuconostoc mesenteroides and Seccharomyces. These two organism are primarily responsible for major loss of sugar due to inversion. INNOVA SP 002 brings about drastic reduction in the formation of reducing sugars.

The addition of INNOVA SP 002 will minimize sugar inversion and increase mill efficiency. INNOVA SP 002 is fed continuously at three positions on the mill tandem.

  • Last but one mill
  • 2 In juice collector or 2nd mill
  • In maceration water.

  • so that the treated juice circulates to all parts of the mill tandem.

    Benefits :

    • Arrests activity of a wide range of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and fungi.
    • Being non-oxidizing, INNOVA SP 002 is completely utilized for bactericidal action.
    • Contains no halogens or aldehydes.
    • INNOVA SP 002 or its decomposed products can be easily removed with the water phase and do not remain in the crystalline sugar & molasses.
    • Stable and can be stored for extended periods of time.
    • Higher recovery of sugar.
    • Checks inversion of sugar. Thus INNOVA SP 002 keeps the sugar juice viscosity under complete control by minimizing Dextran formation due to sucrose inversion.

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