Wetting Agent & Emusifier (INNOVA PA 920) In Thailand

INNOVA PA 920 is of low toxicity and may cause skin and eye irritation. It is not corrosive to mild steel and can be stored in unlined MS tanks provided water ingress is avoided. The suggested bulk Storage temperature is 25°C or above.

Prolonged contact of INNOVA PA 920 with skin is not recommended and personnel handling INNOVA PA920 are recommended to use safety glasses, side shields and protective gloves. Any Splashes in the eye or on the skin must be removed by copious rinsing with water.

Generally requirement is b/w 0.20-0.5 % calculated on the finished product depending upon the product formulation and composition of the paint.


Appearance Clear Liquid, May Tend To Hazy At Standing At Lower Temperature
Color  Alpha
pH (1% aqu. Solution) at 25°C 5.5 - 7.5
Moisture (%) By (w/w)  1.0 Max
Hydroxyl Value (mg KOH/gm) 83 - 95


The product is supplied in 25kg, 50Kgs & 200kgs HDPE Carbuoys.

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