Silicone Defoamers In Thailand

We manufacture and supply a wide range of supreme quality silicone products along with high quality Silicone Defoamer. Made from finest of raw materials, our defoamer is in high use in industries like petroleum refining, textile processing leather finishing, fermentation processes, oil & antifreeze operation.

Some of the specifications of our defoamers are Chemical composition- Dimethyl Poly siloxane, Solid: 20% to 70%, pH: 7 and Diclofumation: Non-Ionic. Our eco-friendly production process and safe packaging ensures our customer full protection and timely delivery.


    Appearance: Milky emulsions
    Chemical composition: Dimethyl Poly siloxane
    Solid: 20% to 70%
    pH: 7
    Specific Gravity: 1.0
    Suitable diluent: Soft water
    Defoaming time: 5 sec
    Diclofumation: Non-Ionic
    Packing: 5 Kg, 30 Kg, 50 Kgs (Plastic Carboys)


    2 to 50 gms/M.T of concentration range are recommended for a jet dyeing machine or similar processes.


    Do not force any ill effect on health, if it is used for the intended purpose with due attention
    Pay attention to the precautions and protective measures

    Antifoam / Defoamer in Powder Form

    Antifoams are used in a wide variety of foaming systems and in very small concentrations usually only a few parts per million. Foam can cause major inconvenience in industry resulting in damage to goods, loss of valuable products and reduced plant efficiency.

    It is a free flowing powder containing silicone antifoam compound. This product has excellent long lasting foam control in Industrial application. eg. Dry flowable Agrochemicals, wettable Agrochemical powders, cement admixtures, patch and repair in concrete formulations.

    It is a specially formulated product that it used for various applications in different industries. It is a versatile product that combines stability with excellent defoaming action. Silicone defoamers are generally preferred for better stability and more lasting defoaming power in very small concentrations. It is extremely cost effective, as it is designed to work efficiently and economically.

    General Characteristics:

    Appearance : White free flowing powder.
    Density (g/l) uncompressed : 700 to 900

    Special Features:

    Highly effective in foam control.
    Outstanding versatility, effective in most.
    Foaming systems.
    Low addition levels.
    Extremely stable, both on storage and in the foaming system itself.
    Readily compounded with other powdered formulations.
    Easy dispersibility in aqueous media.
    Bio-acceptable and eco-friendly.


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