Dispersing Agent (INNOVA PA 045) In Thailand

INNOVA PA 045 pigment dispersant is a highly effective poly carboxylic acid dispersant supplied at 45+or 1 % solids in the sodium form and provides a wide range of performance and formulation for water based paints and coatings.


Appearance Colorless To Light Yellow
Chemical Type  Ionic
Solids percent 45 ± 1
pH (1% aqueous solution)  8.0 - 9.0

    Advantages :

  • INNOVA PA 045 is Well suited for flat to semi glass paints and other coatings
  • INNOVA PA 045 is highly compatible with Ionic, HASE, ASE AND DR-TYPE rheology modifiers.
  • INNOVA PA 045 provides excellent color acceptance with high reproducibility.
  • INNOVA PA 045 helps in Easy to process and handle.
  • INNOVA PA 045 is widely used in acrylic, styrene, butadiene and poly acetate systems.
  • INNOVA PA 045 is products is a effective over a wide Ph range of 9.0 -9.5
  • Dispersion prepared with INNOVA PA 045 shows good stability of heat.
  • INNOVA PA 045 provides Low mill base viscosity for efficient dispersions.

  • Storage and Handling :

  • The product should be stored indoors in the original unopened and undamaged containers in a dry place & observe the following conditions during Storage and handle Store in a dry place with ventilation.Avoid freezing or heating of the material.Seal the Packing properly during interval while not in use.

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