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We Innova Corporate (India), Manufacture, Export and supplies Oxygen Scavengers Chemicals for variety of boiler and various operating pressure.


This Oxygen Scavengers is made from refined raw materials, latest manufacturing techniques and modern machines to ensure reliability of the product for the suitable application. Our Oxygen Scavengers Ideal Solution to prevent Corrosion Problem in Boilers.


    Problems :


  • Corrosion :

Corrosion occurs when metals (by acid or electrolytic action) attack metals. The metal is eaten away similar to the generalized rusting of an automobile fender. Corrosion increases maintenance costs, results in premature replacement of equipment and causes unnecessary safety risks.


Corrosion occurs where levels of oxygen or carbon dioxide are high, where pH values are low, where contact occurs between dissimilar metals and in damp environments or corrosive atmospheres.


Basic corrosion in boilers results primarily from the reaction of oxygen with the metal.


Stresses, pH conditions and chemical corrosion have an important influence and produce different forms of attack.


Caustic Stress Corrosion or Caustic Embrittlement :


The combination of high stress and high caustic concentrations eventually led to destructive cracking of the boiler vessel. It occurs when hairline cracks appear in highly stressed areas due to high concentrations of alkaline salts that liberate hydrogen, which is then absorbed by the iron in steel, effectively changing its physical properties.


This condition is caused largely by boiler water with pH values 11+ and manifests itself in high-temperature areas of the boiler. Unless embrittlement problems are constantly monitored & controlled, they will take their toll in higher fuel costs, increased safety risks, unnecessary downtime and equipment replacement.


  • Corrosion Control :


Dissolved oxygen in the boiler water can lead to severe corrosion, invariably in the form of pitting attack which can weaken or eventually perforate tubes.

Oxygen is generally removed from boiler feed water in a two-step process which is:

Mechanical Deaearation followed by Chemical Oxygen Scavenging.

Modern deaerators are capable of lowering the oxygen content of feed water to less than 7 parts-per-billion (ppb). Chemical oxygen scavengers are then added to the deaerator storage tank to decrease the oxygen content to lower the detection limit of common test, i.e < l ppb.


Advantages :


  • Reduces pitting type corrosion & extends equipments life/reduces down time.
  • Reduces iron pick-up in the feed water systems & minimizes the iron deposition on heat transfer area.
  • Contains a high  performance transition metal catalyst for instant removal of oxygen.
  • The quick oxygen removal minimizes metal to oxygen contact time thus ensuring minimum corrosion.
  • 20-500 times faster removal of oxygen  than commercial unanalyzed oxygen scavengers.
  • Protects feed water lines and deaerator.
  • Reduce treatment cost.

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