Condensate Treatment Chemicals In Italy

Condensate Treatment Chemicals

We Innova Corporate (India), Manufacture, Export & supplies excellent quality of Condensate Treatment Chemical for variety of boiler and various operating pressure. Our Condensate Treatment Chemical is made from refined raw materials, latest manufacturing techniques and modern machines to ensure reliability of the product for the suitable application.


We are offering our client an excellent quality range of Condensate Treatment Chemical. The Problems caused by iron and copper corrosion in condensate systems are not restricted to piping and equipment damage or to the loss of high-quality water and heat energy when condensate is lost.


If returned to the boiler, corrosion products and process chemicals from corrosion-caused leaks contribute to the formation of damaging boiler deposits, boiler carryover, and steam-driven equipment deposits. Their presence reduces system reliability and increases operation and maintenance costs for the boiler water treatment system.


The protection of steam boiler condensate lines is an important issue affecting the operation and maintenance of industrial boiler systems and steam raising plant. Our advanced technology boiler water condensate line treatment chemicals have been scientifically formulated to protect condensate pipe work from the detrimental effects of acidic corrosion caused by steam condensate.


High performance condensate line corrosion inhibitor / anticorrosion chemical developed for use in boiler water systems and steam raising plant. Form a protective water repellent film on return line pipe work. It also extends the life of condensate pipe work by retarding the rate of 'grooving' by acidic condensate. Hence provides corrosion protection.

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