Boiler Descaling Chemicals In Assam

Boiler Descaling Chemicals, Boiler Water Products

We Innova Corporate (India), Manufacture, Export & supplies Boiler Descaling Chemicals for variety of boiler and various operating pressure.


This Boiler Descaling Chemical is made from refined raw materials, latest manufacturing techniques and modern machines to ensure reliability of the product for the suitable application.


We offfer the wide range of Descaling Chemicals for Boilers these are extensively used industrial chemicals.


They protects boiler walls from scaling which is the deposition of impurites on walls, if scales are not removed they vary the temperature at that pint causing the damage of whole boiler.

Product Benefits:


  • Attacks rust, scale and deposits but not on the base metal.
  • Cleans complex equipment with out dismantling.
  • Penetrates and disperses acid soluble deposits.
  • Provides moderate foaming to minimize acid fuming.


While manufacturing these Water Purification Chemicals, we follow guidelines of highly educated and experienced professionals who have expertise in this sector.

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