RO Biocides In Thailand

RO Biocides

Innova Biocides is a broad spectrum, fast acting bactericide for the formulation of disinfectants and sanitisers, for use in industrial, institutional, agricultural, food, beverage and domestic applications. Applications Innova Biocides is effective in a wide range of industrial disinfection applications, promarily as a solid surface disinfectant.



  • High purity product - synthetic grade.
  • Enhances the output water quality.
  • Safe and simple to use.
  • Concentrated solution.
  • Eliminates the need of chlorination and de-chlorination of feed water.
  • Totally chlorine free and biodegradable.


Applications areas include : Hospitals, Institutions, Veterinary establishments, Dairies, Milking parlours, Poultry hatcheries, Food processing plant, Breweries, Pasteuriers in canned food & beverage bottling plants, Yoghurt fermentation, Air-conditioning units, Cheese moulds, Beer glass cleaners Amount to Use Innova Biocides can be used alone or in combination with other biocides to create products for a wide range of disinfection applications.


Considerable data exists which provides a measure of the intrinsic anti-microbial activity of Innova Biocides, generated via European suspension test protocols relevant to application in Food, Industrial, Domestic and Institutional Hygiene.


However, it is recommended that fiels tests under practical conditions be undertaken to determine the most cost-effective dose for your application.

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