Non Ionic Poly Electrolyte (INNOVA PE 615) In Thailand

Non Ionic Polyelectrolytes are organic high molecular weight products with a Polyacrylamide base, which are completely soluble in water. They are used as aids flocculants in processes: flocculation of colloidal suspensions, grey water & waste water clarification, sludge dewatering, Flocculant for sludge floatation, discoloration of grey water etc.

The polyelectrolytes act as the flocculants which eliminate & reduces the load of particles of liquid waste. We Manufacturers and supply range of non ionic Polyelectrolyte for treatment of water from various processes. Nonionic Polyelectrolyte do not consist of charged polymer structures whereas Ionic and cationic polyelectrolyte do.

They are charge less polyelectrolyte & able to perform better than the other type of polyelectrolyte when water composition is compatible with them.

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