Innova Bio In Naini

We provide Innova Bio- Microbial Culture for ETP and STP is the most advanced microbial product to bring about a revolution in wastewater treatment. The technology balances the microbial activity there by increases the efficiency of treating water at the least possible cost. As a result, the Industry is able to get clean water, which can even be recycled for non-potable uses, reduction in foul odor at minimal cost.

Some micro organisms have a naturally occurring microbial catabolic diversity to degrade, transform or accumulate a huge range of compounds. In ETP & STP plants H2S gas produced is very harmful H2S + moisture = H2SO4 which is highly corrosive and hence corrode the machinery. Our bacteria reverse the process of putrefaction and therefore reduce the amount of H2S production.

By adding bacteria into the system the process move towards to fermentation process and therefore reduce the odor in the systems.
The addition of bacterial culture into the system will degrade the organic matter by certain biochemical reaction and hence the total organic load.

Benefits of Innova Bio

  • Reduce the BOD & COD and suppresses the foul odor from the STP and ETP.
  • No structural changes are necessary for implementation of bicultural
  • Enhance the overall efficiency of plant
  • Reduce the overall chemical consumption
  • Prevents the proliferation of pathogens
  • Eliminate the foul smell
  • Helps in faster commissioning of the plant
  • Easily converts the organic waste to organic fertilizer

Major advantages of this type of treatment. It will not lead to any changes to be done in conventional treatment  system this is the additional treatment which is done in order to improve the overall efficiency of the system.

Our bacteria also work on extra cellular enzymes. These enzymes will act as a catalyst that helps to speed up the io chemical reaction and help in breaking down the larger organic particle. Eco friendly, non flammable product  harmless to human, birds, animals. We are working on bacterial nuclear proliferation, Our bacterial culture works not only symbiotic but they also work separately we have a combo package of symbiotic and non symbiotic micro-organisms.

Specifications :

  • Thermophilic Bacteria
  • Lacticacid Bacteria
  • Chemoautotrophs
  • Actinomycete Group
  • Bacillus Group
  • Photoautotrophs
  • Yeast