Fuel Additive In Jalandhar

We are one of the leading exporters, manufacturer in Jalandhar, supplier of Fuel Additive. We Innova Corporate (India), provides Fuel Additive, this Fuel Additive is used for improvement in dispersions and atomization. This product has a unique function of bringing down the problems related to water content, sludge formation, asphaltenes and wax.

It is recommended to treatment products to be fed to the main fuel tank / day fuel tank. It is an excellent slag modifiers, deposit modifiers and are designed to raise the melting point of the oxides and slag formations thus resulting in less sticky deposits with a reduced tendency to adhere to walls and tubes.

These products may cause severe eye and skin irritation. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid eye and skin contact. Wear eye protection and rubber gloves at all times when handling these products. Store in a cool dry place away from strong oxidizing agents. available in 25 & 50 ltrs. HDPE Carboys with quality & affordable price.

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